Goodnight Moon

Today I will start with an obvious favorite of BOOG’s. Good Night Moon, which is both written and illustrated by two very big names in the children’s lit. circle, both past and present. First published in 1947, it remains the quintessential bedtime book even today. It is written by Margaret Wise Brown, in rhyme, and depicts a bunny’s bedtime ritual of saying Goodnight to the many items in his bed room . After reading this pretty much every night for a year and a half, one of BOOG’s favorite things about this book, and impart, what makes it a bedtime winner, is the detail in all of the illustrations.

The story takes place in the bunny’s bedroom but upon prolonged readings you’ll begin to notice the details in the illustrations, beautifully laid out by Clement G. Hurd, and one reading will never be the same as the next. For instance, the young mouse and kittens wander around the room. On various pages throughout the book, the mouse is present in different positions about the room. We can read it for a whole hour just searching for the mouse!

We loved it so much that we bought a huge lap edition, which BOOG has littered with an array of kitten stickers, and a tiny board book version to take with us when we travel. Even though we have read it a million and one times it’s still a nightly pick.

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