Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree

Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree
By: David KorrIllustrated by: Joe Mathieu

Cookie Monster and I go waaaaay back! He brings back fond memories of simple milk and cookie days promptly followed by a nap that we all looked forward to back in kindergarten. (By the way, what were the teachers thinking giving us cookies and then expecting us to lay still for up to 45 minutes?) Anyway, I was lucky enough to buy two copies of this title at the thrift store one eventful afternoon so I decided to sell one at my shop and keep one for myself and to tell you the truth, I would gladly buy a thousand more copies.

In this Sesame Street Little Golden Book, Cookie Monster finds a magical Cookie Tree in the forest. Think about it for a second: Your Cookie Monster, and you stumble across a Tree that is plentiful with cookies! This particular tree belongs to a witch and she knows that Cookie Monster will eat all her cookies so she casts a spell on the tree to only give cookies to people that will share them. Cookie Monster makes a mad dash to Sesame Street to find someone to share the cookie tree goodness only to be rebuffed by all his friends. Cookie Monster SHARING COOKIES? Yeah, right!

In the end he does find someone to share with…… and as always he gets carried away in a cookie frenzy.

The great thing about this book is the style in which it is illustrated. Most of the dialogue is presented in word bubbles so while you’re reading it there is a sub-dialogue depicted within the illustrations.

The BOOG was first introduced to Cookie Monster while watching Sesame Street but she fell in love with him after watching this clip of Cookie singing to the moon……

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