Chicken Soup with Rice

Chicken Soup With Rice
Maurice Sendak

Sorry for my brief hiatus but it is cold season and true to form, I fell under the spell of the ugliest cold I have ever met! I know I just posted a little something not too long ago pertaining to Sendak's Nutshell Library about a little boy named Pierre, but I can’t help myself. I have a huge crush on Maurice Sendak’s illustrations and a major obsession with Carole King which brings me to today’s post, Chicken Soup with Rice.

In 1975 Carole King became the voice for a musical known as Really Rosie based on Sendak’s Nutshell Library featuring the musical stylings of King and Lyrics by Sendak. One of the songs translated directly from the Nutshell Library is Chicken Soup with Rice and since the story is written in poem it translates well into song.

Although the book begins in the middle of winter, presumably the best time for chicken soup, it builds a very clear case to make chicken soup prevalent in every season! Even in the dead of Summer. By the "year's end," readers are convinced that all seasons / of the year / are nice / for eating / chicken soup / with rice!

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