Pierre Bear

Pierre Bear
Richard Scarry

This Story is from Richard Scarry's Best Stories Ever Book. It tells the tale of a very lonely bear....
In a windswept cabin, away up north, lived brave Pierre bear.

He lived all by himself.

When Pierre wanted a fish supper, he went fishing, all alone

Pierre went home and cooked his fish. He put the red cloth on the table. and he sat before the fire to eat his fine supper.
"I wish there were someone here to share my supper," thought lonely Pierre Bear.

Then Pierre climbed between the soft furs that were his bed. He went to sleep and dreamt a happy dream.
He dreamt that he was with a lot of other bears who were laughing and singing and never lonely.

One day......
Pierre went to a store to spend his dollars.
From a pleasant lady bear he bought some pans to cook with.
"I need a guitar to sing to, for I live alone," said Pierre
So he bought a guitar.

"There is something else I need. Now what can it be?" said Pierre.
"If you live all alone you need company,"said the lady bear.
"She is right," thought Pierre.
So the very next day Pierre Bear made the lady bear his wife.
It was very nice to have Mrs. Pierre Bear around the cabin.
They lived happily all year long.

Then, one day, Spring came to the North and with it, brought a little baby bear to Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Bear.
Now Pierre never goes fishing alone, for baby bear goes with him.

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