The Sesame Street Treasury

The Sesame Street Treasury
Funk and Wagnalls

I just love everything about foraging for vintage books. I find them at thrift stores, library sales, used book stores, or online; sometimes I even score great vintage from family and friends who know how much of a hoarder I am. I think my love of a great deal has something to do with it but mostly I just love love, love, love old books. They smell good, some of them are familiar and almost always I end up finding something out of print that I never knew existed.

Early on I started collecting books that I thought The Boog might like. I had no idea what to even start buying. I casually would look in the children’s section of the thrift shops my husband and I frequented and one day, BAM!!!! I was smacked in the face with a Sesame Street15 volume Treasury, the very same set I had when I was 5, the set that I drew in and colored up all the pages. I was about 7 months prego with The Boog and was so excited I was squealing like a mad-woman.

The Sesame Street Treasury is like a compendium of stories and activities carried over from The Sesame Street Library, various books in the Sesame Street Storybooks series, and The Sesame Street Cookbook. There are excerpts from Linda's Sign Language Fun and The Sesame Street 1981 Mother Goose Calendar in each volume. It's literally learning in a box!

The Treasury started my ever growing collection. Now, 3 years later, my book shelves runneth over and I don’t seem to be showing signs of slowing. I opened my shop thinking I’d sell most of what The Boog grew out of, along with some of the books she didn’t really like all that much. Then I decided to share my entire collection, the one’s I can’t bear to part with, on this blog. Whenever I find doubles of something or a book that isn’t in circulation too often I forward it to GooGooGalleryKids in hopes it will find a new home where it will be cherished and re loved. I guess I have the Sesame Street Treasury to thank for my obsession!

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