Don’t Forget the Oatmeal

Don't Forget the Oatmeal
Written by B.G Ford
Illustrated by Jean Chandler

Alright kiddos! Here’s another Sesame Street Book. I hope you’re thinking, “Yay, Sesame Street!” From the various Sesame Street posts prior to this one, you may have guessed that I have an affinity for all things Sesame. Really, I’m mostly just in love with the 70’s and 80’s books from my youth. Although, The Boog is more into Richard Scarry’s Best Word book Ever, I’m totally crushing on Cookie Monster lately and this book has plenty of him..... Oh, and it makes learning fun too!

The story takes place in…. You guessed it, a Supermarket! Bert ties a string around his finger so he won’t forget the most important item on his long grocery list. Ernie and Bert go to the supermarket but are soon distracted by Cookie Monster. It turns out this particular store is having a COOKIE SALE!

After Cookie engorges himself on copious amounts of baked goods, Bert and Ernie find him on the floor surrounded by bags and boxes upon boxes of cookies. Bert dutifully reminds Cookie to pay for what he ate and in the process forgets all about his most crucial item on his list….. The Oatmeal! :(

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