Written and Illustrated by Aliki

We all have feelings.... well, some of have feelings. This book goes through a range of emotions with such humbling appreciation. The cover says it all! Boy gets ice cream, boy is happy, boy drops ice cream, boy feels sad, boy gets new ice cream and boy is happy! The entire books reads like a manual of emotion ranging from elation to despair. I could try to explain but it's best just to show you.....

Not too long ago I sold one of her books called Green Grass and White Milk which briefly describes how a cow produces milk, how the milk is processed in a dairy, and how various other dairy products are made from milk. I had never heard of her before this title but now everytime I see her name on a book it soon becomes part of my library. I very much admire her work as a writer and as an illustrator. Her voice comes through the book so vividly that its hard not to get lost in their pages.

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