Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother?
Written and Illustrated by P.D Eastman

So this is an obvious choice for a vintage favorite….. but, after reading it to the Boog I had to blog about it! Why? Well, it started out all well and good. There is this mommy bird and after sitting on her egg she feels a rumbling. The little egg is about to hatch! So the mommy innocently scoots along to go fetch some grub for her baby to be. . . . and while she is gone, her egg decides it’s time to hatch and Poof! By story book magic a little baby bird is born into the world. Are you still with me? This is where things get a little disturbing for my Boog.

The mommy is nowhere to be found!!!!! Can you believe this mommy bird? Leaving her little hatchling all by his lonesome in a new world! Well, the Boog was not having a minute more of this story. We shoveled through it page by page and with each turn her dismay grew and grew until she was downright forlorn! Now I will admit that I wanted to shut the book and read something else but I knew the story had a good ending so I read through it slowly answering all of her questions….. some of them went as follows:

-Oh No that’s terrible! Where is the mommy bird?
-Is the mommy busy doing homework?
-Look the baby bird is sad! Can I give him a hug?
-Can the baby bird live with the kitten? I think he’s soft like a bird.
And so on……..

I had no idea she would be so upset but boy were we relieved when the mommy and baby bird were reunited in the end! The Boog exclaimed “Whew! That was a close one!”

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