Sesame Saturday- The Sesame Street Pet Show

Hey Kiddos! So I decided to do something a little different this time around and dub Saturday… SESAME SATURDAY! I have so many sesame street books and I do so love to post about them here and there but now every Saturday will give me the excuse to showcase my collection even further. So without further adieu, in keeping with the animal theme I have going on this May, I give you…

The Sesame Street Pet Show
By Emily Perl Kingsley
Illustrated by Normand Chartier

Sesame Street is putting on a pet show! On his way to the Pet Show, Ernie holds his "pet" inside a small brown paper bag and bumps into all of his friends. Ernie is scared that his pet Rufus will not be as great a pet as everyone else's..... until the very end. Ernie learns that his pet wins the best prize of all!

I just love some of the pets that are featured in this book. Take a peek at grover's puppy. It looks kind of upset, no?

Finally, Low and Behold. RUFUS The Lightening Bug..... (insert OOOOHHHS and AAAAHHHS HERE)

Normand Chartier also illustrated The Amazing Mumford Forgets the Magic Words. His illustrations strike me as a bit realistic at times which makes for an interesting read. Among some of the more interesting pets is The Count's Octopus Octavia, Grover's Skunk aptly named Daisy and Rodeo Rosie's Horse Lance. I would post them all if I could but I can only take so many scans :)

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