Happy Weekend to All!

Hey Kiddos, have any special plans for the weekend?

I am planning on rounding up all of The Boog’s books and trying to make them fresh and new. Her collection is getting quite serious and I just know there are some books in there dying to be sold at the shop or given away to younger family members. As of now, We have a haphazard system of organizing them. Even further, I am planning a leisurely Sunday of Baking for the husband. It is Father’s Day after all and my hubby loves when I keep his belly full of yummy homemade pastry. I do so love baking!

Here are a couple of fun links from around the web that have inspired my weekend ...

Im always looking for new things, well, old things that are new that is, I stumbled upon Graphic Spaces on Etsy. Their shop is full of just that! They sell a wide array of of "woodland" bookends that add just a touch of modern with a vintage flair. (the owl above is my favorite item from their shop but they allow you to mix and match the characters to your hearts content. These would inspire anyone to organize their books, no?

Since Father's Day is Sunday I decided to try out this recipe from Bakerella. These Brownie Candy Cups look divine! Although I have been following her blog for quite some time, I have never actually used any of her recipes so I am excited to make these. She is currently on hiatus due to a medical problem and I do wish her well!

....and sometime this weekend, between the baking and organizing, I would love to fit in this little craft via The Crafty Crow. She does "A book A craft" where crafts are inspired by a children's book. I am smitten and totally thinking, "Now, why didn't I think of that?" I am in love with art and although I have not read Chasing Degas yet, Im going to tackle this paper doll craft anyway becasue The Boog is in love with Ballet.

I'll let you know how everything turns out! Have a lovely weekend...

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