Sesame Saturday- Grover's Own Alphabet

Grover's Own Alphabet
On My Way With Sesame Street

So Since it's nice outside, I'm going to keep this short and sweet! I only own a sprinkiling of The On My way Series, but the ones I do own are packed with both old and new illustrations. You can see a very early Oscar the Grouch, turn the page and voila, a fresh looking cookie monster! I don't discrimminate at all between the two but I am partial to the older illustrations. The "new" monsters look a bit too polished for my taste, however, The Boog doesn't seem to notice. Anyhoo, onto Grover's Alphabet.

In his own words, Grover is a cute little furry monster, so it is no surprise that he, himself, creates a cute little furry alphabet starring.... himself!
(click on the image for more detail)

Have a nice weekend!

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