The Sesame Street 123 Story Book

The Sesame street 1,2,3 Story Book
6 Monsters in the restaurant

This happens to be one of my favorite Sesame Street books! Seeing as though I have not one, but two copies, I decided to make one available at the shop. It features stories about the numbers from 1 to 10. It’s great compendium of counting. The count is of course counting, cookie monster meets a genie and gets three wishes, Ernie finds new ways to disturb Bert (if that's even possible), Sherlock Hemlock solves a mystery(sort of), Oscar shows you how yucky number 4 can be and that’s only the beginning! Today we are going to feature the number 6…… AH! AH! AH! (Sorry, that was my Count impersonation) I’ll work on that. In the mean time, Stop me if you've heard this one!

Six monsters walk into a restaurant....
"We'd like a table for 6. 6 very hungry monsters."

The waiter leads them to a table where there is only one single chair... after improvising a little... The monsters decide it's not such a good idea. The very thought of 6 monsters in one single chair is too much to bear! So the waiter brings them another chair...... Now there are 3 monsters in each chair... 3+3=6 but thats not good either!

Finally the waiter brings 1...2...3..4..5...6 chairs. Now the monsters can eat! Hooray!!!! "O.K, what would you like to eat?"asks the waiter.

After all that running around they end up eating the Table!

Silly Monsters!

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