A love story and love song by Eric Carle

The Very Quiet Cricket
Written & Illustrated by Eric Carle

Hey kiddos! Happy Valentine’s Day! I was inspired by this book yesterday while viewing my niece’s art work, which is lovingly displayed in my sister’s kitchen. The similarity of her work to Eric Carle’s was surprising. It just proves that Carle’s work truly corresponds with the mind of a child. When you’re an adult, you seem to lose that whimsy that characterizes seeing the world for the first time. All the impressions that we hold on to and shape our lives are remarkably simple in adolescence.

Then, Eric Carle himself posted this book on his blog today in honor of Valentine’s Day; being that this book is one of The Boog’s favorites is quite a happy coincidence.

As the book explains:
“There are four thousand different kinds of crickets.
Some live underground, others live above.
Some live in shrubs or trees, and some even live in water.
Both male and female crickets can hear,
but only the male can make a sound.
By rubbing his wings together he chirps.
Some people say that it sounds like a song!”

Isn’t that sweet?! A true love story, complete with a serenade at the end. (The book chirps when you turn the last page.) It’s important to never lose your whimsy kiddos, and if you do, high tail it to the nearest little one and beg them to color with you. I’m certain it won’t take much convincing :)

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

Here is the youtube version. Enjoy!

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