Are You A Country Mouse Or A City Mouse?

The Hubby and I are definitely City Mice.... but this past week we decided to surround ourselves with country-like surroundings at a local farm. . . . .
We took a trip to Lamb's Farm this past week and schmoozed with the animals, visited their antique market and rode the carousel about a million and one times! Great fun was had by all, but mommy was happy to be home after such a long hot day spent in the sun.

As a tribute to our fun on the farm, I'd like to share a past post from the GooGooGallery's Archives:

Best Stories Ever
The Country Mouse and The City Mouse
Richard Scarry

Earlier in the year I picked up a Little Golden book copy of The Country Mouse and The City Mouse along with two other short tales which include The Fox and The Crow and The Dog and His Bone. All three stories happen to be in the Best Story Book Ever as told by Patricia Scarry (who is not credited in the Best Story Book version) and of course illustrated by the wonderful Richard Scarry. Unfortunately, I don't think its in print any longer. I may be wrong, but after a quick look on Amazon I didn't see any new copies available. Anyhoo, we all know the story so I'll spare you the details and go straight to the illustrations, my favorite of which involves a cat!

Enjoy your Weekend Kiddos!

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Happy Father's Day

Image via We Heart It

I'd like to say a quick Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and Grandpas out there!

Here are some cute things I've seen via the web, commemorating Dear Old Dad:

Chalk Installation

DIY Chalk Board Cookie Jars

DIY Mustache Mug

You can never go wrong with a
hand drawn picture!

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Frog and Toad The Film

The Boog and I are huge fans of Frog and Toad. I'm almost certain that you won't believe me when I tell you that I was never acquainted with the amphibious duo, and was almost destined to never cross paths with the Lobel classics, if not for a Curious George VHS tape we picked up at the library resale shop. We actually sat down to read Frog and Toad Are friends, me never having heard of it, and The Boog knew it practically verbatim! It stumped me for quite a few days until she popped in the video. It's entirely claymation and completely mesmerising.

Imagine my Surprise when I heard that there is a movie in the works by none other than the Jim Henson Company. Perhaps Kermit is a bit green with jealousy.....

Frog and Toad are Friends
By Arnold Lobel

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Obscure Scan Sunday

Sticks and Stones and Ice Cream Cones
By Phylis Fiarotta

What are you all doing this weekend? This weekend we are getting Crafty! I have to say that the most craftiest person I know is my Mother (whom The Boog affectionately refers to as Oma) She inspired my siblings and I to be creative using any means possible. She inspired me to write, my two younger brothers to work with stage make up and play music and now she inspires The Boog to paint. These days I keep the tradition alive by exploring art in unconventional ways to get Boog's creative juices flowing.

This Obscure Scan Sunday is dedicated to creativity and my crafty mother :)

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