The Twiddlebugs' Dream House

Story by Pat Tornborg
Photographs by Alan Gelman
Miniatures by Pat Tornborg and Alan Gelman

The most magical thing about Sesame Street are the Muppets! Sure, that's fairly obvious, but just once in awhile Jim Henson takes it a step further. The world of the Twiddlebugs is a great example of taking "an ordinary Muppet" to the next level by creating an already imaginary world and putting another within it! Every Muppet has it's own unique story, but none more fantastical than Ernie's resident insects, the Twiddlebugs.
 On Sesame Street, they live in Ernie's window box; however, in this case, they live in a little window box outside of Jane's bedroom. They remained content in their tiny cookie carton home until the children began to grow ever more curious and wondered what was inside the big house behind their window box.

One sunny morning, Tessie said to Tiny, "I want to see for myself what's inside the big house."
And since Tiny wanted to do everything Tessie did, they both flew up to the window sill.
"Oh, look!" Tessie cried as they peered through the window and saw a dollhouse.
"That beautiful house must be meant for Twiddlebugs. It's just our size!"

Tiny and Tessie talked and dreamed of nothing but living in the fine house.
They coaxed and pleaded until Mr. and Mrs. Twiddle gave in. The family packed up a few things and moved into the dollhouse.
Everyone agreed that it was a Twiddle-dream come true!

The next day, while the Twiddles were away, Jane's friend Sally came over for a tea party.
"Let's move the dollhouse out of the way," said Jane.

What a mess the Twiddles came back to that night!
Nothing like this ever happened in their old cookie carton!
The house didn't seem so wonderful anymore.....

When everything was back in place, the exhausted Twiddlebugs went right to bed.
Suddenly a fat, furry leg darted in the window!
In two flits of a Twiddlebug's wing, they packed up their things and were back in their old home!

I guess the grass isn't always greener on the other side!

I just adore the miniatures in this book. My daughter is used to the CGI version of the Twiddlebugs, which makes this a special treat!


There is actually a Sesame Street Old School DVD set which features seasons from 1969-1974. Aside from the Twiddlebugs go to the zoo, all the oldies are in there:

and many, many more! 

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