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One of his most famous books that I owned as a child. (in truth, it was the ONLY Silverstein book I owned/read until I came across The Giving Tree in my early twenties) It was my first time in a new school and I sat there mesmerised as my third grade teacher read to us. It's amazing the things you can forget as time goes by. I had forgotten how this book made me want to be a writer and how I spent countless hours pouring over it's poems, always finding solace in the upside down crazy world Shel illustrated. There it sits in my collection, unread for what must be years; and yet, when I pick it up, it's familiar words take me back to a time when life was simple and days were long.
A few nights ago I came across this familiar poem which prompted me to pick up my copy. So many poems jumped out at me and I thought I would share some with you.

I think perhaps a Where the Sidewalk Ends weekly poem is in order. I wouldn't mind getting reacquainted with some old favorites.

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The Giving Tree

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