Meet the Muppet Babies

Meet the Muppet Babies
By Louis Gikow
Illustrated by Lauren Attinello
featuring Jim Henson's Muppet Babies

My local library resale shop is a treasure trove of Muppet Babies Books. Every month or so I go in to take a peek and leave carrying at least one or two books from The Muppet Babies Series. Currently I have 9 of these. I assume this is the first in the series since it's titled Meet the Muppet Babies.

Published by Weekly Reader, the books are based on the animated T.V Series which ran for seven years. The first episode aired in 1984 and featured familiar characters from The Muppets Take Manhattan. The series added toddler versions of Animal, Beaker, Bunsen and Skooter's twin sister Skeeter. Nanny was also added and is only seen from the shoulders down, although the most most memorable attribute are her green and white striped legs.

Meet the Muppets is a great introduction into the imaginary world of the Muppet Babies and their nursery.

Baby Kermit is busy playing with a big box and each of the Babies in the Nursery gets a chance to imagine what it might be. Is it a castle, a piano or a cave?

At the end of the day, it is just a box. To a toddler, it's a key into their imagination.

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