She-Ra The Princess of Power

She-Ra, the Princess of Power

She-Ra Princess of Power is an animated spin-off of He-Man Masters of the Universe. It's based on the toyline produced by Mattel, who decided that He-Man was such a hit, why not create Princess of Power to counterbalance the show's popularity among young boys. Aimed at young girls, Princess of Power spawned a line of "fashion action figures." It's ingenious really. Meshing a "boys" action figure with the likes of Barbie seems like a formula for success, right? Well, yes and no. The action figures, as was the case for He-Man Masters of the Universe as well, outlasted the animated series.

She-Ra was first introduced in The Secret of the Sword, which eventually went on to become the first 5 episodes in the She-Ra series.

Known for her incredible strength, She-Ra was able to lift not only grown men and robots, but mountain like-rocks and buildings! She was the alter ego of Princess Adora and the twin sister of Adam (A.K.A He-Man) Having been stolen by the evil Hordak when she was a baby, Adora had no idea of her true identity until presented with the sword of Protection. Together, with the help of her newly found twin Adam, she aims to defend her home planet of Eternia from Hordak's evil grasp.

As a kid I was partial to Jem but I did sneak in a few episodes of She-Ra here and there. My brother had the Castle Greyskull and I used to use my Jem doll and pretend it was She-Ra. Good times!

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