Mommy? by Maurice Sendak

Art by Maurice Sendak
Scenario by Arthur Yorinks
Engineering by Matthew Reinhart
The theme prevalent in all of Sendak’s work is “how children survive their parents.” Mommy? Is no exception.  

You have this ordinary looking little boy who appears to be lost in this haunted mansion, searching for his mommy. In each spread there is spooky monster trying to scare him, along with a depiction of the little boy getting the best of each of them, until the very end when mommy and son are reunited. There is this huge explosion of monsters at the end that pop out at the reader. It’s Marvelous!
Brava Strega Nona! Pop-up

Mathew Reinhart must be credited with bringing Sendak's illustrations to life. He is the paper engineering genius behind Mommy?, and other favorites. Reinhart's resume includes work with fellow pop-up artist, and renowned paper engineer, RobertSabuda. The duo created pop-up classics such as The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, Tomie dePaola's Brava Strega Nona!. Here is the original Strega Nona that won Mr. dePaola a Caldecott Honor, posted by yours truly, with some interesting info on the back story involved in its creation.
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