Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure
Edward Packard1979

I have to credit my one of my favorite Aunts for introducing me to this series. During my pre-teenage years I babysat for my little cousin and my aunt would than repay me by buying me copious amounts of books. While on one of our many visits I purchased a gem of a collection known as Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Among them, Cave of Time, The Mystery of Chimney Rock and Vampire Express. From there a collector was born and I gobbled up every vintage copy I could lay my hands on! A good many years later, I have no idea what happened to them and I still search for them like mad whenever I go thrifting……………

Amazingly enough, Edward Packard along with publishing company Simon & Schuster, are releasing some of the titles under a new name for your viewing pleasure. There are three newly named “U-venture” mobile applications for iphone and ipad and can be purchased for 3.99 a piece on iTunes. The First story, Return to the Cave of Time, was released this past June and two more, Through the Black Hole and The Forbidden Castle, are due out later this summer and early next fall.

The new “U-Ventures” include the old text but with more choices and subsequent endings. Usually I am not into bells and whistles (nothing beats a good old copy of a book) but the level of interactivity is enhanced and, depending on your decision, a physical response is triggered. The image on the screen may fade to black, buzz or shake violently, and may even generate sound effects and music.

Now to buy an iphone…….

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