Everyone Poops!

Everyone Poops
Taro Gomi1977

So, The BOOG is somewhat stunned when she realizes what our cat’s are actually up to in their litter box! I was cleaning it out the other day and she pointed towards it and exclaimed, “STINKY POO POO!” I’ve chosen to highlight this book for obvious reasons; it is an awesomely illustrated book explaining the inevitable in everyone’s life…......Everyone Poops!

This one is a no brainer and it’s great for little ones that have limited reading capabilities as it has no plot whatsoever. In the beginning different animals are chronicled explaining that all animals poop differently and in different places. When I first looked through the pages I was taken aback at the illustrations because on almost every page there is a view of the animal’s rear end and they are clearly pooping but decided it was all in good fun!

The last pages of the book explain that because every animal eats, every animal must therefore poop! Straight and to the point!

These days Taro Gomi is illustrating coloring books and doodle pages..... and, Iam happy to report, there is a new sequel to Everyone Poops simply known as "The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts" written by Shinto Cho, which I have yet to check out!

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