Oscar's Book

Oscar’s Book
By Jeffrey Moss
Illustrations by Michael Gross1975

This little pre-loved beauty is mine all mine. (I’m quoting The Boog here) Everything is mine all mine these days, after all she is 3..... Anyhoo, I started a Sesame Street Golden Book Collection for nostalgic purposes. So far my little collection is growing and I have added Oscar to the mix.

I found out some awesome things about Sesame Street's resident Grouch. For one, he was inspired by a nasty waiter from a restaurant called Oscar’s Tavern. He was so rude and grouchy yet entertaining at the same time. That waiter became immortalized as the dirty trash diving Oscar we all know and love today. Second, he was orange (Henson later said in an interview that this change was made because the early cameras weren't good enough to capture the color right.) Can you imagine an orange Oscar? Maybe a very dirty orange would have been O.K but I for one love the fact that Oscar’s green. It makes for a much more believable grouch.

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