Vinyl Revival

Imperial Party Time Record Player

I’ve been wondering when to introduce vinyl to my three year old. I’m all for technology and convenience but there is something about vinyl that is magical. When I was younger I would raid my aunt’s record collection whenever I got the chance. My cousin and I spent a lot of time dressing up and twirling around her living room with album covers lingering in the background. Even to this day I collect vinyl. I don’t actually own a record player (besides the portable one I picked up for The Boog) and I have my eye on my mother’s anthology of 70’s and 80’s records. I guess It just upsets me to think that The Boog won’t grow up with the pleasure of vinyl.

I was on the look-out for a small record player for The Boog and found this vintage 1960’s Imperial “Party Time” record player at an antique store. Actually, I can’t take credit for this one, The Hubby actually scooped it up for me along with some records. It is in great working order and may possibly need a new needle in the near future but it is the perfect little collection to hand over to the likes of a 3 year old.…..

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