Once Upon a Potty

Once Upon a Potty (Girl)
Alona Frankel

Sooooo, a ton of stuff has been going on in my neck of the woods. I do try to post whenever I can these days but I have been off in potty land as of late. The Boog is graduating from diapers to pottydom! So far we have been successful going on 3 weeks. It was a rough first few days without diapers but it was so worth it because now we have an independent little Boog. Yay me!

In lieu of our potty days together, I decided to post about the book that got us diaper free by end of age 3. Now the original features a little boy, Joshua but I picked up the girl version, Pruedence, on one of my many Thrift store excursions (at .25 cents it was a steal) We read it to The Boog for a while before the potty became an issue.

The Boog's favorite part was "She sat and sat and sat and sat and sat and sat....." Which was appropriate because that is just what we did! The whole ordeal wasn’t that smooth in the beginning but now she’s a potty aficionado!

We also read Everyone Poops! Sounds a little funny but it got us in potty mode :)

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