Ernie's Work of Art

Ernie’s Work of ArtBy Valjean McLenighan
Illustrated by Joe Mathieu1979

I’m such a sucker for vintage Sesame Street that, even a ratty crummy old, Little Golden Book won’t turn me away! This one was purchased not too long ago, along with a few other bedtime stories I picked up for The Boog. (May I quickly mention that it was illustrated by one of my most favorite Sesame Street Illustrators of all time.)

I have so many of these Sesame Street LGBks to share but today I chose one that directly reflects the mood in my house since, as you can see, The Boog is feeling very artistic as of late. What can I say? Im a proud mama!

Anyhoo, let's see what Ernie creates, with a little help from the Sesame Street Gang.


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