The Sesame Street Storybook: The Magic Apple

The Sesame Street Storybook
The Magic Apple
Verse Adaptation by Albert G. Miller
Illustrated by Kelly Oechsli

There was once a simple far boy, poor but honest as the dickens, and he worked from dawn to midnight, pitching hay and feeding chickens.

"I am poor and I am honest," said the farm boy, "but it's rough working every day till midnight pitching hay and other stuff."

Thought the poor but honest farm boy, as he leaned upon his rake,

"if I had one wish to wish for, There is only one I'd make. I would wish the trade this barnyard and this yucchy farm-boy life, for a dandy golden palace and a princess for a wife."

He was sound asleep one  morning underneath an apple tree, when he heard a great explosion that was loud as it could be. BOOM! A lady stood beside him, saying,

"Hello there, young fella. I'm your handy fairy god-ma, like the one in Cinderella."

Pointing upward in the tree, the fairy answered,

"If you pick that magic apple what you wish will come to be."

Then there came a loud explosion, and before her godson spoke, she had vanished very quickly in a cloud of purple smoke.

"I can't reach that magic apple," said the farm boy. "Not at all."

So he grabbed the tree ans shook it, but the apple wouldn't fall.

Then he got so tired from shaking that he tumbled in a heap underneath the magic apple, where he promptly fell asleep

Then his snoring shook the tree trunk from he bottom to the top and the rosy magic apple fell into his mouth- KER-PLOP!

"Glugga-mugga," said the farm boy."Argha-bargha, google-gapple."

But you couldn't understand him 'cause his mouth was full of apple.

To make a long story short, a king shows up and, as luck would have it, he had been looking fro a farm boy since the spring who possessed a magic apple. He invites the farm boy to move into his palace and marry his daughter. He even sweetens the pot by offering him his own apartment with a stove and running water! Well, how can the farm boy resist an offer like that?

The princess didn't look exactly like the princess of his dreams, but a small oversight compared to a life full of banana milkshakes and rubber duckies.

This was the first in the in a series of larger format anthologies known as The Sesame Street Storybooks.

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