These Are Your Kids On Books Poster

Denver, Colorado non-for-profit literacy group, Burning Through Pages, has introduced a series of well designed posters designed to get parents and kids excited about reading. The poster, shown above, has received 10,710 likes and 9,389 shares on Facebook, since it's launch on April 24th.

"Burning Through Pages Inc. has one goal and one goal only:
To inspire a love of reading in today's youth by recommending, donating, and discussing books."

Reading time with The Boog is something that is extremely important to me. When I was a little girl, reading wasn't a priority in my household. It wasn't until my most favorite aunt enrolled me in an I Can Read Program that I became infatuated with books. I took my little tote full of books with me everywhere the entire summer! Television has all the components laid out for you, on the other hand, a book challenges you to make the story your own. These posters reflect that philosophy. :)

The posters can be purchase here.

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