A Day in the Life of Oscar the Grouch

A Day in the Life of Oscar the Grouch
By Linda Hayward
Illustrated by Bill Davis

Oh, will I ever tire of Sesame Street? NEVER! As most of you know by now, I like to delve into all the old Sesame Street books I have taken great care in collecting for The Boog. With no end in sight, and The Boog's new found interest in all things Sesame, it's with a very happy heart that I share with you our daily Muppet musings. This particular story is from my Sesame Street Book Club Collection and depicts a typical day in the life of the Sesame Street Cast, as seen from Oscar's point of view.

Given the fact that Oscar is a Grouch, the irony in the narration is what sticks out the most. What else can you expect from a grouch that lives in the happiest of neighborhoods? A very rotten time, that's what!
The book is full of all kinds of awesome rottenness that make Oscar his Grouchy-Old-Self.  You get to see how he starts his off his day. First, at seven o'clock in the morning, it's a yuchy breakfast. (Today it's orange rinds, rotten eggs, burned bacon and stale bread crumbs.)
After his yuchy rotten breakfast, it's off to watch everyone hurry to school or to work. (Oscar particularly likes this because no on has time to stop and say hello.)
 The mail carrier comes at nine o'clock. Today she delivered four letters to the Count.

At eleven o'clock some of the people around Sesame Street do chores and errands. Bert does laundry, Biff takes his paycheck to the bank. Rodeo Rosie picks up her cleaning at the cleaners. And what  about Oscar?
"Well, my favorite chore is waiting for the Mudman's delivery. Heh heh heh."
At twelve o'clock noon, friends share their lunches, eventhough Grouches don't share. Oscar hates to part with any of his delicious peanut butter and sardine sandwiches! (BLEH!)
At four o'clock on Tuesdays the bookmobile come to Sesame Street. Oscar is checking out his favorite book- Mother Grouch Rhymes.
At six o'clock in the evening Oscar eats his lovely supper of pizza with banana slices on top. (A Grouch has to stay healthy, you know.)
At seven o'clock Ernie takes his bath. Here at Oscar's trash can it's also bathtime, but not for Oscar. It's time for Slimey's Mud Bath.
Eight o'clock is storytime over at Big Bird's nest. Oscar does not attend because he is not a fan of happy endings. Now, you would think, since it's night time, Oscar would be getting ready to call it a day. Well, you'd be wrong!
It is now time for Oscar to practice his Trombone. And that concludes another yuchy day on Sesame Street. Horrible Dreams, now Scram!

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