George Shrinks and the First Doodle Bugs Post

George Shrinks
By William Joyce

"One day, while his mother and father were out, George dreamt he was small, and when he woke up he found it was true....."

Part of the Harper Collins Treasury of Picture Book Classics, George invites us to imagine living life as a tiny little person in a big world. After all, they are the small ones living in a grown-up world, so it's not hard for them to familiarize themselves with George's plight. Being in George's shoes is quite fun and as you will see, quite frightening at the same time.

Upon reading this book, The Boog stumbled onto a few ideas of her own. She discovered that if she shrunk she would like to "go into a snow globe and take a few trips on her Thomas the Tank Engine train set." Not a bad idea. I myself have always imagined eating a huge Oatmeal Cream Pie, just like the kids in Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Just one of my personal dreams I guess!

We got so inspired discussing different scenarios that there was only one thing to do. Draw about it! So we got out our crayons and she came up with a very happy take on Joyce's illustration. It turned out to be so much fun that I decided to do it again, and turn it into a series of blog posts aptly named Doodle Bugs. If you are at all interested in submitting some of your children's work, I invite you to comment. I would be more than happy to post about it. I'd love to see little budding Picassos in action!

This is The Boog's version of kitty chasing George

*I love that she made both the kitty and George happy despite the real image's suspenseful nature.

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