TMNT- Case of the Killer Pizzas

TMNT- Case of the Killer Pizzas
Written by Douglas Booth

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a gang of anthropomorphic turtles, named after Renaissance artists, and well trained in the art of Ninjutsu, which they learned from their anthropomorphic rat sensei Splinter. They live in the sewers of New York, kick major butt, and enjoy eating Pizza while defending the citizens of New York from evil overlords Krang and Shredder. There were many hours of my youth spent sitting in front of the tube, eating sugar clumps in milk, watching Saturday morning cartoons. Not very productive, not to mention probably not so healthy, but that was the 80s world I grew up in. Things are much different these days…. But I still have a love for the turtles.

That is why, as of late, I have been trolling all of ebay and etsy, picking things up here and there. Turtle lunch boxes, vhs, action figures and trapper keepers. Some of them are actually a decent price, and some are severely over priced. (Some totally rad items listed below.)

The other day I picked up a TMNT vhs tape circa 1988. I know I usually post about books and such, but today I have turtle fever. I have, for your viewing pleasure, compiled a little taste of TMNT Awesomeness: Case of the Killer Pizzas, snapped from the comforts of my living room. 
So, these bad dudes take it upon themselves to poison the Turtles with what appear to be tiny little meatballs, only they happen to house little tiny creatures inside. You with me so far?
Now, in order to entice the Turtles to eat the imposter meatballs, Krang assigns Shredder and Baxter with the task of enticing them with a Free Pizza Bakeoff. Of course they can’t resist and find themselves face to face with the Shredder.

He gets a little pie in the eye while in the meantime the Turtles gift their pizza to a Miss April O’neil- Reporter extraordinaire, and Irma. The other was accidentally intercepted by the pizza boy who delivers it to a couple of snot nosed kids.
The creatures hatch in the microwave while the pizza is being reheated. (Again, it is the 80’s so it appears that reheating pizza in the microwave was not only acceptable, but common practice.)
The Turtles chase these creatures into the sewer, intercept the remote from evil doers Shredder and Baxter, and arrive home in time to enjoy some pizza that may or may not have been laced with the leftover meatballs containing the horrid meatball creatures. 

Everyone has a laugh. The End.

On a side note, I always wanted to be an April. It's like the classic Betty vs. Veronica.... I am in reality an Irma. See Irma, looking around the corner there? That's me, well, minus the yearning for romance and creepy glare. 
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