Where Did I Come From? by Peter Mayle

Written by Peter Mayle
Illustrated by Arthur Robins
Designed by Paul Walter
“This Book is all about you.
We wrote it because we thought you’d like to know exactly where you came from, and how it all happened.”
A good old fashioned birds and bees book.  I picked this up because it looked familiar to me, as I witnessed the animated version (here) of the book on vhs at the ripe age of 8. My sister and I would giggle during the bath tub scene and share crooked glances at one another during some of the more preposterous parts. Some of the key elements in the book were changed around a bit for the animated version, which Howie Mandel narrated.
As you can see, this copy has seen better days. I was hoping to hang on to it to bestow upon my little one someday since it made such an impact on me and my sister. I wonder if she would have a giggle or two herself.

This book is one of a kind, as far as I can tell. I am sure there are others that might be more accurate in their portrayal of human anatomy, but this is the only one I came across that brings a light hearted charm to depicting the physical differences between men and women.
In the book you will find cartoon versions of mom and dad in their birthday suits, slang versions for different body parts, portrayals of the reproductive organs and gestation period, as well as homage to breast feeding.

My favorite illustrations depict the gestation period from conception to birth.

“There. Now you know where you came from.
You may think it sounds like a lot of hard work for such a little person. But there’s a very good reason why your mother and father went through it all.
And if you want to know what that reason is, just take a look in the mirror.”


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