Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Original Manuscript By Lewis Carroll

 Hey Kiddos! October-December has been one huge rabbit hole for me! ((In a very good way)) I recently started my Graduate program. Having finished my Undergrad this past December, I am well on my way to TEACHING. YAY ME!!! So, in a way I feel as if I have fallen through one reality and landed in another. Now that it is sinking in bit, and I have gotten acclimated to some of the changes in my schedule, I am resuming my bookish habits. This means more posts! For starters, it is Lewis Carroll's birthday!
To celebrate, I dug up some old posts and also stumbled upon a little gem!

Original Manuscript
Alice's Adventures Underground
Provided by: The British Library
The British Library’s Online Gallery has archived Carroll’s original manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Underground, as the manuscript was first  titled. Alice’s Adventures Underground would go on to become Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, published in 1865. The book catapulted Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's writing career, although he is better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, and he went on to write various woks featuring young Alice. If you wish to revisit my previous posts about Alice, click on the links below:
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