The Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles

The Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles
By Linda Lee Maifair
Illustrated by Tom Brannon
Hey, Kiddos! Cold season is upon us and The BOOG and I are NOT immune. This is our third day of sniffles so far and it is very taxing to say the least. On the upside, we are both in cuddle-mode, which is always nice. So while we break out the crayons and keep warm under our covers, I thought I would share a little Sesame Street Cheer.

In The Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles, Big Bird is on his way to visit with Mr. Snuffleupagus. Snuffy has a case of the sniffles and, being a good friend, Big Bird is going to pay a visit to his cave to cheer him up.

On his way there, Big Bird is greeted by other concerned Sesame Street friends. Each friend gives Snuffy a gift to help cheer him up. By the end of the trip, Snuffy will be the proud owner of a cookie tin, with a few cookie crumbs, a jar of sardine-and-saurkraut soup (from you know who), a bottle cap collection (again, you can only guess), a few choice books, a box of tissues and a pint of half melted ice cream.

As Big Bird begins to feel a bit embarrassed for having not brought anything to share with Snuffy, the gifts begin to slip!

Snuffy blows his nose, with a hankie the size of a table cloth, and tells Bird that what he really wanted most was a visit from his good old pal Bird.

The End

All's well that ends well for the Sesame Street Gang. See you next time.

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