The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon
Albert Lamorisse

Hello, Kiddos! Today I introduce you to another new purchase on a trip to one our local thrift store haunts. I have written about the film version of The Red Balloon before and managed to scoop up a vintage over-sized copy of my very own just a few short days ago. You see, the weather finally cleared up enough for us to enjoy a long over-due thrifting excursion this past Valentine’s Day weekend, so the Hubby and I took full advantage.

The book is littered with stunning color and black-and-white photographs taken from the film. The following description of the film appears on the jacket flap:

"The story follows Pascal, a young boy, through Paris streets where he sees a red balloon atop a lamppost, chases it, catches it and discovers that it has a wonderful magic power."

"Like any truly devoted friend, the balloon wants always to stay with Pascal. And it does. It hovers outside his window and follows him to school; in turn, Pascal takes very special care of the balloon."

"The dangers that Pascal and the balloon face to protect their friendship and what finally happens to them both create a delightful fantasy simply told against a realistic and charming background."

The Red Balloon is a classic tale allowing the reader to go back to a time before technology, I’m talking before the Internet, PC’s or cell phones, CD’s and DVD’s ran the gamut of the digital era we all know and love today. A time when entertaining oneself consisted of Ring around the Rosie, London Bridge and playing with an otherwise inanimate object as ordinary as a Balloon. Simpler times when you thought if you could just swing as high as you could you could reach the sky! If you were a child of a certain era, The Red Balloon was more than just a book or film. It was a ticket to another realm. That Red Balloon represented everything that you wish would happen. It’s a love story and homage to what being a child can really mean in a world with harsh realities.

And for those of you not familiar with the film version, here is an intro...... Enjoy!

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Don’t Forget the Oatmeal

Don't Forget the Oatmeal
Written by B.G Ford
Illustrated by Jean Chandler

Alright kiddos! Here’s another Sesame Street Book. I hope you’re thinking, “Yay, Sesame Street!” From the various Sesame Street posts prior to this one, you may have guessed that I have an affinity for all things Sesame. Really, I’m mostly just in love with the 70’s and 80’s books from my youth. Although, The Boog is more into Richard Scarry’s Best Word book Ever, I’m totally crushing on Cookie Monster lately and this book has plenty of him..... Oh, and it makes learning fun too!

The story takes place in…. You guessed it, a Supermarket! Bert ties a string around his finger so he won’t forget the most important item on his long grocery list. Ernie and Bert go to the supermarket but are soon distracted by Cookie Monster. It turns out this particular store is having a COOKIE SALE!

After Cookie engorges himself on copious amounts of baked goods, Bert and Ernie find him on the floor surrounded by bags and boxes upon boxes of cookies. Bert dutifully reminds Cookie to pay for what he ate and in the process forgets all about his most crucial item on his list….. The Oatmeal! :(

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Obscure Scan Sunday: The Story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears

The Story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Read Aolng With Me
Award Publications LTD

I have a ton of obscure children's books in my collection so I decided to showcase them via "Obscure Scan Sunday." Most of them will be stories that you may be familiar with, some of them will leave a ? hanging over your head. For now, lets focus on an old favorite all about a little messy blonde girl and Three very hungry Bears.

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A Kiss for Little Bear

A Kiss For Little Bear

I could talk all day about the awesomeness that is Maurice Sendak. (you all should know by now that Iam a self proclaimed "Sendak Junkie") Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, illustrated and/or written by Sendak must be mine at any cost! Well, almost any cost. I am a modest person afterall. Although I can't remember where I picked up this particular copy of A Kiss For Little Bear, I can recall the first time I read it.

I read it while on a thrifting excursion with my grand-dad. I was instructed to pick out 1 toy, as was custom on our weekly trips, and I plucked this book from the shelf. I read it a few times while in the store and I was smitten. I got up to the counter and my grand-dad looked at the book and with a puzzled expression asked me if thats really what I wanted. An emphatic yes slipped my tongue.

It was only mine for a very short while. My grandmother ended up taking it away because of the "kissing" parts. Apparently, the entire book is about two skunks who fall in love because of a kiss that was sent from Little Bear's Grandmother, to Little Bear via a very stern and all but unwilling Hen, sending all the animals in the forest into a kissing frenzy. After the kiss gets to where it was meant to go in the first place the skunks decide they would like to get married and everyone lives happily ever after! The End.

Its all very innocent I assure you but for whatever reason this book was banned from our book shelves. Now, once again, I am the very proud owner of this book and I can assure you I will be sharing it with my daughter without any shame!

"This picture makes me happy," said Little Bear.
"Hello Hen, this picture is for grandmother. Will you take it to her?"

Grandmother was happy. "This kiss is for Little Bear. Will you take it to him Hen?"
The Hen obliged.... until

He saw some friends and stopped to chat.
Hello, Frog. I have a kiss for Little Bear. It is from his grandmother. will you take it to him?"
Frog obliged.... until he came upon a pond and stopped to swim.
The kiss was than transferred to Cat who in turn transferred it to skunk.

Skunk was glad to accept the kiss for Little Bear but then he saw another skunk.
She was a very pretty skunk and so he gave the kiss to her.
And she gave it back.
And he gave it back.
And then Hen came along.
"Too much kissing," said Hen.
Hen took it back from Skunk and ran to Little Bear, and gave him the kiss.

The skunks decided to get married.

They had a lovely wedding.

Everyone came.
And Little Bear was the best man.

(much to the Chagrin of Mr. Skunk)
The End.

What a lovely story! Little Bear single handedly brought the entire forest together! Just goes to show how one single good deed can manifest into something bigger than what you intitially intended.

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The Hair Book

The Hair Book
By Graham Tether
Pictures by Roy Mckie

I have a growing collection of Beginner Books and this is the newest addition.

It's everywhere.
Some have a little.
Some have lots.
Plain hair.
Striped hair.
Polka dots.
Curls and braids
and beards and lashes
Long mustaches.

Dark hair.
Fair hair.

or dyed,
or tied.
or straight,

Hair is Great!

It’s too bad I didn’t own this book sooner. As you can see in the picture below, my hair was a bit ….. Curly! My sister’s hair, on the other hand, was smooth and light brown and not nearly as tangled as the mess that sat atop my head.

I suppose I am grateful that this book shows diversity in a positive way while teaching children to appreciate their hair no matter what size, shape or, in my case, kink it has.

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Oscar's Book

Oscar’s Book
By Jeffrey Moss
Illustrations by Michael Gross1975

This little pre-loved beauty is mine all mine. (I’m quoting The Boog here) Everything is mine all mine these days, after all she is 3..... Anyhoo, I started a Sesame Street Golden Book Collection for nostalgic purposes. So far my little collection is growing and I have added Oscar to the mix.

I found out some awesome things about Sesame Street's resident Grouch. For one, he was inspired by a nasty waiter from a restaurant called Oscar’s Tavern. He was so rude and grouchy yet entertaining at the same time. That waiter became immortalized as the dirty trash diving Oscar we all know and love today. Second, he was orange (Henson later said in an interview that this change was made because the early cameras weren't good enough to capture the color right.) Can you imagine an orange Oscar? Maybe a very dirty orange would have been O.K but I for one love the fact that Oscar’s green. It makes for a much more believable grouch.

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Vinyl Revival

Imperial Party Time Record Player

I’ve been wondering when to introduce vinyl to my three year old. I’m all for technology and convenience but there is something about vinyl that is magical. When I was younger I would raid my aunt’s record collection whenever I got the chance. My cousin and I spent a lot of time dressing up and twirling around her living room with album covers lingering in the background. Even to this day I collect vinyl. I don’t actually own a record player (besides the portable one I picked up for The Boog) and I have my eye on my mother’s anthology of 70’s and 80’s records. I guess It just upsets me to think that The Boog won’t grow up with the pleasure of vinyl.

I was on the look-out for a small record player for The Boog and found this vintage 1960’s Imperial “Party Time” record player at an antique store. Actually, I can’t take credit for this one, The Hubby actually scooped it up for me along with some records. It is in great working order and may possibly need a new needle in the near future but it is the perfect little collection to hand over to the likes of a 3 year old.…..

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Happy Snow Day!

So the midwest got hit by a ginormous blizzard last night..... so no post today.
Just enjoying our snowday whilst entertaining The BOOG and thanking my lucky stars that I even have power to post this right now! :)

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