Obscure Scan Sunday- Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan Records1971

Not an Obscure title by any means, but never have I seen illustrations like this actually meant for children. The record still works great and the Boog enjoys the first 4 pages.... then sort of wonders off while I listen to the rest. The only way to describe the illustrations would be to show you.

In my opinion it is very indicative to the 70's. (Definitely a trip down the rabbit hole so to speak.)

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Sesame Saturday- The Sesame Street Pet Show

Hey Kiddos! So I decided to do something a little different this time around and dub Saturday… SESAME SATURDAY! I have so many sesame street books and I do so love to post about them here and there but now every Saturday will give me the excuse to showcase my collection even further. So without further adieu, in keeping with the animal theme I have going on this May, I give you…

The Sesame Street Pet Show
By Emily Perl Kingsley
Illustrated by Normand Chartier

Sesame Street is putting on a pet show! On his way to the Pet Show, Ernie holds his "pet" inside a small brown paper bag and bumps into all of his friends. Ernie is scared that his pet Rufus will not be as great a pet as everyone else's..... until the very end. Ernie learns that his pet wins the best prize of all!

I just love some of the pets that are featured in this book. Take a peek at grover's puppy. It looks kind of upset, no?

Finally, Low and Behold. RUFUS The Lightening Bug..... (insert OOOOHHHS and AAAAHHHS HERE)

Normand Chartier also illustrated The Amazing Mumford Forgets the Magic Words. His illustrations strike me as a bit realistic at times which makes for an interesting read. Among some of the more interesting pets is The Count's Octopus Octavia, Grover's Skunk aptly named Daisy and Rodeo Rosie's Horse Lance. I would post them all if I could but I can only take so many scans :)

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The Magpie's Nest

The Magpie’s Nest
Illustrated by William Stobbs
Written by Joseph Jacobs

Happy Friday, all! This is a funny little English folk tale about Madge the magpie who teaches all the other birds how to build a nest, only the other birds are so impatient, each one leaves with only a snippet of the information and so the story goes, “that is why different birds build their nests differently.”

"All the birds of the air came to the magpie and asked her to teach them how to build nests. For the magpie is the cleverest bird of all at building nests. So she put all the birds round her and began to show them how to do it."

The European Magpie is one of the most intelligent birds, and it is believed to be one of the most intelligent of all animals. Magpies in general are actually the source of many superstitions and folklore. In German, Italian, French, and Norwegian folklore magpies are often depicted as thieves, you‘ll often hear them referred to as “thieving magpies” due to their penchant for shiny objects. Yet in China the name of the bird is translated into "happiness magpie" and in spotting one, it is considered a sign of good luck. People even go as far as to salute them to ward off bad luck. All superstitions aside, this is a beautiful little book filled with fabulous illustrations.

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Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother?
Written and Illustrated by P.D Eastman

So this is an obvious choice for a vintage favorite….. but, after reading it to the Boog I had to blog about it! Why? Well, it started out all well and good. There is this mommy bird and after sitting on her egg she feels a rumbling. The little egg is about to hatch! So the mommy innocently scoots along to go fetch some grub for her baby to be. . . . and while she is gone, her egg decides it’s time to hatch and Poof! By story book magic a little baby bird is born into the world. Are you still with me? This is where things get a little disturbing for my Boog.

The mommy is nowhere to be found!!!!! Can you believe this mommy bird? Leaving her little hatchling all by his lonesome in a new world! Well, the Boog was not having a minute more of this story. We shoveled through it page by page and with each turn her dismay grew and grew until she was downright forlorn! Now I will admit that I wanted to shut the book and read something else but I knew the story had a good ending so I read through it slowly answering all of her questions….. some of them went as follows:

-Oh No that’s terrible! Where is the mommy bird?
-Is the mommy busy doing homework?
-Look the baby bird is sad! Can I give him a hug?
-Can the baby bird live with the kitten? I think he’s soft like a bird.
And so on……..

I had no idea she would be so upset but boy were we relieved when the mommy and baby bird were reunited in the end! The Boog exclaimed “Whew! That was a close one!”

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If You Give a Pig a Pancake

If You Give a Pig a Pancake
By Laura NumeroffIllustrated By Felicia Bond1998

Hey Kiddos! Most of you will probably be most familiar with the classic If You Give a Mouse A Cookie, which I read and loved when I was a wee little one, but my daughter is enamored by one of the sequels, If You Give a Pig a Pancake. Perhaps it’s her love of pancakes oozing with yummy syrup or maybe its due to the really awesome tree house the pig builds and decorates at the end. Whatever the reason, this book is a serious contender among some of the other more classic books we have on our shelves. It’s right up there with Sendak and Hurd!
Felicia Bond’s illustrations make it a fun read. We particularly love watching the pig as it runs from one activity to the next with the little girl in tow, cleaning up after her. By the time the story ends, the little girl is so exhausted from trying to keep up with the little pig she is asleep with her head on the kitchen table, while the little pig is still going full force, starting on her second batch of pancakes with sticky syrup. As a mommy I can totally relate to that little girl….. Sometimes my little piggy can be a bit of a handful!

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