Give the Gift of Reading (and why I read to my kid)

I can wax poetic all day and night about why books make the best gifts, but that would make for one very long post. I'll try to keep it short and sweet…. But I won’t promise anything. :)

Books can make really great gifts if you think about it. They far outlast some of the more popular gifts out there, don’t require batteries and come in a one size fits all ratio. Plus they are easy to wrap! They inspire imagination and creativity not to mention a good book can transport you anywhere in the world without setting one foot outside. They really are the best gift that keeps on giving, so in honor of Christmas I would like to share some of my favorite books that would make great gifts for the little munchkins in your life… and the mamas too!

For baby:

Brown Bear, Bown Bear, What Do You See?

The Monster at the End of This Book

Goodnight Moon

The Snowy Day

I am a Bunny

All of which can be found in board book version. Perfect for little hands and almost indestructible! (almost)

For the Pre-Schooler:

Anything Curious George

Where The Wild Things Are
The Nutshell Library

There is Something There: Three Bedtime Classics

For the animal lover:

Over in the Meadow

The Magpie’s Nest

A kiss For Little Bear
The If You Give Series:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

… There are tons more in the series but these are our favorites.

Mama and Baby:

The Kissing Hand

Are You My Mother?

For The little traveler:

The Red Balloon

For the budding artist:

Roy Lichtenstein’s ABC

Counting with Wayne Thiebaud
Andy Warhol’s Colors

Books about potty time:

Once Upon a Potty

Everyone Poops

Now onto the next subject. Why I love story time with The Boog.

Reading is beneficial in a lot of ways but it’s the snuggling and laughing that inevitably ensues which brings us closer together. After a day of hustle and bustle it’s nice to grab a few quiet minutes, just the two of us. I also feel a tinge of accomplishment when she grabs her favorite book and sits on the couch “reading” to herself. I read to The Boog because I treasure moments like that. Of course I read to her because of the countless educational benefits but reading for us is so much more than that. I read to her so she feels loved, safe, creative, passionate…. I want her to love books as much as I do. They are magical doors to endless possibilities. But first and foremost, reading gives me an excuse to cuddle and show her that mommy loves her, in her own words, “always and forever.” So give the gift of reading and know your giving someone so much more than just a book!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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